Welcome! I hope to hear from you soon.

We’re trying something new here: join the club, and you’ll get a free story via email every month! (If you actually wanted my main website, try this link.)

Each story will be available for download (after you sign up) in Mobi, Epub, and PDF formats. You’ll be able to read it on a dedicated e-reader, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop computer, maybe someday on the side of your toaster…and of course there’s no obligation on your part involved here. Or you can read it on my main site, and check out the others every month, if that’s a better fit for your life.

The stories aren’t currently available any other way (other than browsing my blog each month, or subscribing to it via RSS to achieve the same effect), and I don’t plan to repeat them this way either, so it’s not as if I can even ask for a review. But, maybe…if you like them, you’ll review one of my books? Or not. Actually, if you’ll take the day off, preferably at the beach? I’ll call that a win for all of us.

I’m hoping this will be fun. I’ll definitely keep you guys updated with new releases, like with actual novels, and info about upcoming freebies or other notable events. Plus, you know, I like to write. If you like to read my stuff, that sounds like a good thing. If you’d like to tell me what you think, about anything that strikes your fancy, just hit “reply” to the monthly email. Especially handy if you’d rather not say rude things in public!

I hope you do give me a piece of your mind from time to time. I love hearing from you folks. And I like brains. For, um, reasons. Good ones! Ish.

Have fun out there!

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