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World domination! Kind of!

Finally! I’ve posted exactly one metric crud-ton of stuff to read on my site in the last few days. I mean, sure, there’s always the blog. But also! Stories!

Here’s the deal: I posted 16 of them. Except it was really 19, because I made a three-story “omnibus” out of my Marvin tales. I mean, why not?

All of them are available via free download from BookFunnel. These guys are supposed to be good at delivering ebooks in a useful format to the devices readers actually want to use–in my testing it all seemed okay. They even have tech support, which is cool. But please let me know if you run into problems they don’t solve for you!

Each story has a separate page on my site, with a cover image (I definitely like some of those better than others–hey, at least it’s “done” for now) and a description/blurb. And this page lists all the stories, while also giving some idea of the genre for each, which might be helpful. Not everybody reads everything, I’ve been told. I mean, I knew that already, because there’s just no time for it, but I actually have been told this, and I’ve even read it in some books intended to help writers. I don’t know why it had to be said. But it was. So I thought I’d tell you. In case it helps.

Plus! Those of you who get this via email, if you’re reading the email, will see a link to a “members only” download page right here, also with genres, only with the links going directly to BookFunnel rather than to my site: (not actually a link)

What’s the advantage there? Well, maybe if we walk through it this will make sense. (If not, please let me know?)

If someone wants to read a story–or even potentially all the stories, but we’ll assume they’ve picked one to start–when they click the link from my site, they’ll be transferred to BookFunnel. BookFunnel will then ask for an email address, and send a link to the story to that address.

Right after that? Another email should show up, this one from me. With a link to the members-only page, from which the BookFunnel download links have no email address requirement.

Then whoever navigated this maze will be signed up to get future updates from me via email (this is not done covertly, if you were wondering). But! It’s hackable. If they really don’t want the updates, they can unsubscribe right after getting the download page link. The page will still work. It will still be updated in the future. They could bookmark it, if it seems interesting. It’s pretty much up to them. As it should be.

So, what’s my goal? Well, I’d like people to be able to share my stuff with their friends. Anybody who might be interested? I’m not really into the social media gestalt, if there is one, but there are dinguses on the site that purport to help with the sharing. I dunno. Maybe. I mean, I actually might get into Facebook soon. But that day is not today.

If you find a story you like? Well. You could let someone know.

Oh yeah! There are also two novel-length books available from the members-only page. I’m calling ’em that because they’re really just a single longer story. But, anyway, there they are. One of them, the first, is also available as a direct no-email download on my site. And it’s free on all the retailers I’ve been able to reach. Hint: I’d like people to try it. If they like it, well, there’s a link in the back of the book to a free copy of the second one as well. The third one costs money. Probably because I’m mean like that. There are a couple of other books out that are also non-free. If you’re strapped for cash, though? Let me know. I’ve got ya.

But how, you might reasonably ask, is this world domination? Simple: I’m not trying any other method of becoming Emperor of All. So, I mean, if it happens, I’d like to have predicted it. (You’re welcome.)

More stuff on the way. Soon? Well, we’ll see. I was kind of happy to get this part done.

Have fun out there!

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