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…come what may

He’s a Student. Sounds innocuous.

But the thing is…what’s he studying? Where did he come from?

Sammy’s not necessarily such a bad guy. Given where he came from, and why he’s here. And he even has friends—sort of. Colleagues, at least. Well, competitors.

When his partner ends up dead, there’s a protocol for that. But this time things are moving too fast. This time—time! That’s the thing!—Sammy has to move fast.

No matter what it costs.

It’s a tale of far futures, far pasts, and a malleable present. Maybe even a few of those. Straightforward science fiction, unless it’s all a fantasy. Or maybe both.

Well, anyway. It’s not like anything you’ve read before. That’s okay, right?

Find out!

Free: Download it now

Genre: Dystopian time travel plus fantasy

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