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The Apocalypse Bug: A Dark Fantasy Thriller

“If you’re reading this, I’m almost certainly dead…”

Jacob (“Ash”) Ashton’s ancestors built the town of Henge. He was supposed to grow up and become a leader of the community. But he went away to college, and when he came home he just didn’t fit in. His own family–what’s left of it–sees him as a near-stranger.

Now everything is falling apart. Ash may have to get involved after all. But will there be a town left? Will anything be left?

One thing he knows: it’s up to him to protect his family. No matter what

Henge, West Virginia

Hidden in the Appalachian Mountains is a quiet little town where nothing ever happens. Until one fine day in the spring, when the world ends.

A Flash in the Sky

There is a storm…but this isn’t lightning. You’re not terrified yet. It’s coming.

The Prison

The town’s non-inmate population doubled when it went in. Nice people, these newcomers. Every one of them. Just now? Something’s happening out there. Some say riots. Others say it’s a medical problem. And the National Guard is on the way.

A Naked Hairy Guy

Staring through a bedroom window. At your daughter. This guy jumps onto rooftops, from the street. There are lots more like him. There are others who are worse.

Nobody Escapes

Nothing is left unchanged.

If you leave town…

You can’t do that. Your family needs you. And if you tried, you’d die.

Stay where you are, if you can

But don’t ever think you’ll escape. Because it’s inside you too. Right now.

The Apocalypse Bug

It’s here.

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