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About Me

Barefoot in Juneau, Alaska. Yep, I used to live there. Sad, huh?


I’m David Young. Yes, the Haywood part is real, but do I actually use my middle name? Only to stand out from all the other David Youngs on the internet.

I suppose you want some info. Otherwise you’d be on another page entirely. So…I’m in my mid-50s, devilishly handsome, totally hot…


I mean: I really love writing. I always have. Growing up, I spent a lot of time reading. More than a few of the books and magazines I read made quite an impression…so this happened: I acquired many, many role models to learn from. Not that there are any public records indicating schizophrenia. That’s all just speculation on your part.

So…now, I use writing as a way to explore ideas. Everything else fails if I don’t write entertaining stories, so that comes first, but along the way I hope to uncover a bit of the world that I hadn’t previously considered. I hope you’ll come along with me and help me explore.

Yes, that means my fiction can get a bit weird. Hell–it’s nearly always at least slightly strange. If it weren’t, I’d lose interest. And I do lose interest sometimes. So I go back and change things around, until I figure it’s worth continuing. Takes a little more time, but I wouldn’t want to write any other way.

Lessee. What else? I used to write software. I worked for a couple of big companies and several startups. Later I had my own company–Cabin Fever Software & Brewing Company, LLC–but the brewing part was just a joke. Though I do homebrew beer. Many years ago I used to play a lot of poker, originally in cash games in Texas but later in public cardrooms, mostly in Vegas. I’m married to a wonderful woman. We have a daughter (Brigit) who’s ten years old and frighteningly everything.

Maybe you’ll like my stuff. Maybe not. Either way, thanks for coming by!