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The Heist

Homeless. Broke. But still, he’d never been completely alone…until now.

Joe Keith has been ditched by just about everybody. Along the way, he’s picked up a few people he cares about. People who are his responsibility. Just ask him, he’ll tell you: it is what it is, but he’s not going to stop looking out for them.

So, once in a while, an opportunity comes along. But not without a cost.

Nothing is free, in this life. There is always, always, a price to be paid.

Joe does what he has to do.

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Genre: young adult crime/suspense

Personal note: not all of my kids are related to me. I wrote this story for my son, who spent some time being homeless. I was trying to show him I understood what he was telling me. It…seemed to work, for what I was trying to do. Does it work for anyone else? Well, I couldn’t say. This one’s for Paul.

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