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Justifying Twitter via 30 days of Solstice giveaways?

Purchased at sea level. Shown near 10000 feet.
Purchased at sea level. Shown near 10000 feet.

Okay, let me be honest here: there’s a good chance I’m naked right now.

Still with me? Well, okay. It might not be true anyway. Thing is, there’s something about the summer solstice that makes me want to throw a party. You know, outdoors. And maybe on a mountain. And nudity seems to fit the occasion. Doesn’t it?

When I lived in Anchorage a lot of people would climb a local peak known as Flat Top. It’s the kind of climb everybody but my mom and sister can do (yes, they chickened out, and yes I’m telling you about it). And there tended to be parties.

But I want to do something a little different this year.

It turns out I love playing around on Twitter. A lot more than I love Facebook. And it’s not as if I don’t get any value from it. Just yesterday, Troy Blackford tweeted thusly:

“You don’t read so many stories about lost goldfish swimming their way across country to find their homes.”

Well, he was right. And that’s just wrong. So: I already had this notion of a story based on an odd twist on the Second Coming and a funny moment my wife and I experienced in a midwife’s office in Las Vegas. And there was this other idea I wrote down about a guy who’s haunted by the Spirit of Wal-Mart. Throw in virtual goldfish, screen savers, and…well, I haven’t written the story yet. But as soon as I finish The Secret? I will, as a present to myself. Afterwards I’ll go see whether Troy actually wrote a goldfish story and compare them (he didn’t seem interested in my suggestion of an anthology, though its commercial appeal is obviously huge). Oh–this is not quite to my point, if I have one, but you should go check out his fiction. I hate his website with a profoundly disdainful passion, but his writing is wonderful.

Meanwhile a recent follower said something about what happens in September (unless it was What Happens in September…) and it occurred to me that it’d be fun to repeat that experiment this year. Would I have thought of it otherwise? Who knows?

And now we may be getting to the point, though in your position I’d be skeptical: another recent follower, upon receiving my auto-DM letting her know about a free download of Thursday Night Game, which I described as a fantasy/horror short story, told me she loved fantasy but hated horror. So…I appreciated the time she took to let me know, and I told her that if she browsed my site and found anything else she liked I’d send her a free e-copy.

At which point the light went on. This could be fun.

For 30 days starting today, I will give away one (1) free copy of any of my three normally non-free ebooks to whoever asks. And in any e-format requested. I could automate this, or just include download links, but I think doing this on a more personal level might be…well…cooler.

So. If you’re here, and you find something that might be good? Leave a comment somewhere that strikes you as reasonable, or contact me via email, or DM me an email address and your selection on Twitter, or try smoke signals if that’s your thing.

I’ll assemble the necessary electrons and ship your mind-poison of choice to you within 24 hours. Just to be clear: I do not believe this creates any obligation whatsoever on your part. I will not re-use your email address for any purpose without your explicit permission to do so.

What I hope will happen? Well, reader feedback would be cool. Email works (you’ll have my personal address), or website comments, or even an online review if you’ve got the time. If you really like whatever it is, you could subscribe to my new-release email list.

The main thing, though? I just want to do this, and do it inefficiently, and see what happens. Because I can. Oh, if you’re brand-new to the site and have no idea who I am? I’m a relative newbie to indie publishing who’s having more fun with it than really ought to be legal. Check out my list of most-popular posts on the left, and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Hey there; I’m intrigued and interested in your 1. Personal
    2. Wild-Ass speculation

    • David

      Hmm. Me too. I’d totally read them. But they’re actually categories for blog posts…the ebooks are listed here:

  2. Hi David,
    Shiver in the Sky. If your books are half as entertaining as you are this should be a blast!
    So, yes I’m game. I do have a few books in my reading que ahead of yours, but I definitely will review it once read. Unless I sadly don’t like it for some unbelievably ridiculous reason, at which point I would keep my reasons strictly between you and I.

    By the way, I am looking forward to more of your curiously zany posts! 🙂


    • David

      Hi! I just sent a .mobi version. And I hope I can maintain the “curiously zany” thing…I can’t think of a better goal for the blog, actually.

      But FWIW I have nothing against “bad” reviews. If a book sucks, it’s probably better that people should know, right? Me especially. If a consensus of badness coalesces from the spew of a thousand outraged keyboards–well, I can always fix it, or pull it down and write something else.

      (Though actually if I got a thousand bad reviews I’d probably just sacrifice a critter…by which I may or may not mean a nonhuman animal…and celebrate my dark powers of anti-persuasion.)

      Thanks for the kind words!

      • can not wait i am intrigued.

        • David

          Me too!

  3. Hi David. I would love to read Shiver on the Sky, it sounds very interesting! Thanks for giving it away, I can’t wait and will happily review.


    • David

      MOBI on the way! And I appreciate the investment of your time.

  4. You caused a loud burst of laughter twice! The naked intro was hilarious. You recently tweeted me with enticing invitation…no not that one, the one about interesting giveaway.
    So, back to the top, Flat Top, that is. I spent my childhood in the shadow (not that close, but it sounded good) of FT. One of my most humiliating experiences in my life took place there. That’s another story.
    I grew up off O’Malley Road, in Bruin Park. Oh, the stories I could tell. hey, I’m a writer, maybe I will tell them. (tell on them)
    Great stuff here, thanks for the laughs.

    • David

      I didn’t grow up there, but I lived nearby about fifteen years ago (off Our Road, right across from the zoo on O’Malley). Lots of good memories, most of which I probably shouldn’t admit to. “Welcome to Anchorage, Alaska–where you can never lose your lover; you can only lose your turn.”

      Ahem. Let me be clear: I admit nothing.

      Thanks for coming by!

  5. Ok, it’s a toss up between Pagan Sex, a name I think I’ll steal for all my books from now on, or Shiver in the Sky…hmmm. Ok, Shiver wins. I would love to read this, please.
    P.S. Smoke signals did not work…need to call Sears…

    • David

      Shiver’s on the way. As for the smoke signals, I dunno…have you tried putting them into a bottle & tossing it into a convenient body of water? I can get a copy from Wikileaks eventually.

  6. Hi David 🙂

    I think I’d like to take a look at “What Happens in September” please. I’ll get to it as soon as I can but work is starting to get busy now.

    • David

      It’s on the way. And there’s no rush…even if the stories turn out to be rotten and stinky by the time you read them you probably won’t notice beforehand. At least that’s been my experience.

  7. I’m not naked but I am wearing my pyjamas. Does that qualify? I think I quite like the idea of asking myself, What Happens in September (here, in Blighty, summer arrives just in time for autumn).

    Having said that… please can you send me the book you think is funniest. If I’m eligible… and can I sign up for this blog by e-mail? Only I’m too dim for RSS feed and it’s really funny.



    • David

      Ha! Yes, you qualify, as long as you’re also willing to climb a mountain.

      I suppose What Happens in September… is probably the funniest, given that the other two are a supernatural mystery and a really odd romance/mystery hybrid. At least the first story in September is funny. I think. It’s on the way! (Taking the mountain-climbing on faith.)

      And yes, there’s an email subscription option. Currently you have to leave a comment and use a checkbox beneath to do it, though. I have a new-release mailing list in other spots and I don’t want to confuse anybody by offering both. Though I may be over-complicating things, as is.

  8. Mike Reid

    Hi David, Pagan Sex sounds like a good one. I would love to read that and review….

    • David

      I’m impressed. Usually people ask for that one by email or DM! 🙂

      It’s on the way.

  9. Naomi

    There are not enough books in the world for me to read em all…..but I’m willing to try so gimme gimme gimme………oooooooh and did the crisps go BOOM?? And what’s the dealeeo with kindle…..Steve will be spinning….iBooks…..

    • David

      Well, hell. I love this comment but I don’t know what to do with it. Resorting to email…

      • Naomi

        You still haven’t told me if the crisp packet popped!?!?

        • David

          Of course I haven’t! It’s all about the suspense…well, okay: Nope. It made me a little sad, but the bag held up in the end.

  10. Eissabaeta

    Oh I am torn between Pagan Sex and Shiver in the Sky. Hard choice. So Pagan Sex it is.

    …and I’ll behave..maybe.

    • David

      It’s on the way. But…you’ll behave? Why? What a waste!

  11. Michele

    Hi, David –

    Not fair! It’s a choice between Shivers and What Happens in September, only because I stopped reading at that point, because having more choices was only going to make the choice more difficult! I decided on What Happens, because I am terrible at assigning myself writing tasks and following through, so I must see how you do it! If I learn anything about discipline, while being entertained by your stellar rambling style, I MAY get a few things written to amuse friends. I will still be selling vintage jewelry, at this point. 🙂

    Thank you for the cool offer! It may be a week of two before I get to read your book, but I look forward to your stories!

    All the best,

    Michele Davidson

    • David

      Sent! I don’t know that I’m any sort of disciplinary guru. However, I’ll be sure to tell people from now on that I am.

  12. Hi David!

    Well I’m intrigued. So, Pagan Sex seems
    To be hot property so I’m going to say please
    And thank you! Great idea. 🙂


    • David

      On the way. And I think your blog is the most interesting I’ve come upon in…well, a while. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I would love a copy of Shiver in the Sky. I prefer ePub if possible, but I have Calibre so I convert if need be. Thanks for tweeting about the giveaway!

    • David

      Sent! And I have Calibre too, so it’s no problem. {8’>

  14. Hello David,

    What a great and crazy idea. I love humor. I would love to check out Shiver on the Sky in epub format. I look forward to reading it.


    • David

      Sent! And who told you I was crazy? I mean, I know you don’t want to say…but was it the Royal Family this time?

  15. I’m in. You had me at “second coming”!

    • David


  16. Hey David

    I’m new to everything, I’m a bit slow on technology but curious on concepts. I’m interested in one of your free e-books but I want you to choose. I’ll tell you a little about myself or you can look at my website and see what YOU think I might be interested in. I like people, I like people who dare to be themselves or better yet who CAN’T help it! LOL! I’m on a plane a lot, ( for the last 15 years, I’ve been on a plane every 4 days traveling across the country)…I like languages and quirky cultures…So let me have what you think fits…I’m old school so send me a word doc. to my e-mail. Thanks for being quirky and interesting yourself. I look forward to connecting.

    • David

      Well, I sent you Pagan Sex. In a virtual sort of way, of course! I also deleted the email address you’d posted in your comment…spam-bots are everywhere & I don’t want ’em to get after you.

  17. Thank you for following me on Twitter. That’s what sent me here. Glad I stopped by. It’s always a joy spending time in cyberspace, discovering new voices & writers, seeing/reading what they’re doing. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and look forward to reading your other works. For now, I would love to read your “Shiver on the Sky” book. I don’t have any electronic readers, so it’d have to be .pdf (if that’s an option). Thank you.

    Good writing!

    • David

      Thanks! And I hope people follow the link to your blog. Very cool stuff.

  18. Good luck with this, David. I like your style. What happens in September, please. Will I be able to read it on Mac?

    Best wishes,

    • David

      Thanks! I sent a PDF, hoping that would work for you. If you have any readability issues (such as over-large text that doesn’t flow), please let me know & I’ll try something else!

  19. Is this really J. K. Rowling?:)

    • David

      Hey! This probably isn’t the right time or place to admit it. I mean, people might start buying the books I write under this name, and then I’d have to quit finding goofy ways to drag ’em over to my site…I’d have to start all over. So please keep my secrets for now. Okay?

      • Certainly;) If you’re still shooting out book Shiver on the Sky looks interesting.


        • David

          Yep–I’ll keep doing this for a few days. No point in excluding people who didn’t realize the deadline was approaching. Also, I was still telling people about this this morning so its my fault too!

          Anyway, I’ll send it tomorrow morning. Thanks for the interest!

          • Thanks, you’re a gentleman and a scholar.

  20. Michele

    I would love a copy of Pagan Sex for my kindle.
    Thanks 🙂

    • David


  21. Sherry Geno


    I’d love to read Pagan Sex. If your writing is as fun as your extemporaneous messaging, your books should be a hoot! I appreciate your offer! I do most of my e-reading on iPhone or iPad, if you have a format to accommodate that. I’m jazzed to learn about indie writing, always wanted to write. Hope to hear from you soon ~ Cheers!!

    Sher (aka: Meliannos)

    • David


  22. Shoot. Did I just miss this? I had the page open yesterday, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted the short stories or Shiver on the Sky. Then I realized today that your original blog post was June 21. …and now it’s July 21.

    Well, if this still makes the cut, I have decided on Shiver on the Sky, please. Great idea, overall. I hope someday I’ll have as many published works and I can do the same.

    Thanks & good luck with everything!

    • David

      Expect it in the morning! I’m not at my computer tonight…

  23. David

    At this point everybody who asked should have received a copy. If you haven’t, please let me know.

    I’ll also honor all new requests through the end of July, if you’re late to the party.

    Thanks, everybody. This has been great. I hope you’ll all stay in touch.


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