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Stories by DH Young

Links will take you to story descriptions:

Accidentally (…On Purpose) (humorous crime/suspense)

Carnival Night (dark fantasy)

…come what may (dystopian time travel plus fantasy)

Freethought (dystopian dark fantasy)

The Gorilla, the Goldfish & Everything (humorous dystopian science fiction)

Love is a Frail Reed (humor)

Marvin the Magnificent! (teen fantasy humor)

Not for Hire (humorous crime/suspense)

Saints Alive! (humorous semi-apocalypse fantasy)

Sins of the Mother (dark fantasy)

The Heist (young adult crime/suspense; not for the faint of heart)

Thursday Night Game (dark fantasy)

True Mesh (teen science fiction)

True North (science fiction & fantasy adventure)

Whither Must I Wander (science fiction)

Yearning for Yesteryear (dark fantasy)

You Sleigh Me (Christmas semi-dark fantasy)