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I guess somebody thought it was funny. Maybe it was?

Okay, severe weirdness today.slarcle-like

Wednesday, I posted on my Facebook page (no link, and I removed my “badge” from the sidebar on this site, and you’ll soon see why) that I would not be posting on FB in the future, outside of links to this blog. Which are auto-posts anyway.

This has actually been true for many months, and the page has been nice and quiet–but I noticed that my previous notification had somehow become unpinned. I probably did it accidentally at some point. No big deal.

I also went in and deleted/hid the few comments the page had recently received. And asked people to contact me elsewhere.

Why did I do this? Well, mostly because I don’t like Facebook. They use funky algorithms to decide who sees what, and then give me helpful links I can use to pay them to spam people who didn’t click ‘like.’ All in all? Nasty stuff over there. But I know some people like getting my blog posts via FB, so…they can.

And then today? I saw my page had more than 3000 new likes. I checked out a lot of the people who supposedly liked it. Some of them may be real. Few have pages in English.

Oh, and the count has gone up by about 500 since I noticed it.

I assume this was intended to be humorous.

It kind of is.

But still. Whoever did this, could you please undo it? I’d appreciate it. Because otherwise I’m going to have to click on every one of those new ‘likes’ and delete it. Which is going to take many hours I could otherwise spend writing. Or maybe I’ll delete the whole page and forget it, if I can figure out how.


 [UPDATE 2:50pm EST 6/14/2013:

This is seeming less funny as I have time to think about it. I’ve unpublished the page and reported the issue to FB…but I don’t know if they’ll do anything. I don’t care about the FB page per se–in fact I care less and less over time about content I don’t host myself–but I do have links pointing to the FB page out in all my books. I guess I’ll just leave stuff as is for now, and remove the links next time I update them. What a pain, though.



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  1. David

    Okay. The numbers kept going up, so I unpublished the page. Probably should have done that a long time ago anyway.

    As a joke, this is hilarious. If it wasn’t intended to be funny? Try again, I guess.

    Have fun out there.

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