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Nine Years Today


So my wife and I are sitting in Panera Bread eating salads. I mention that the chicken doesn’t have the strong sage flavor it used to, and this was also true on our last visit.

She tells me some people probably complained about it but those who liked the sage probably didn’t say so.

At first this strikes me as reasonable…but then I realize how offensive it is, and tell her. Have these people NO respect for the environment??

By just leaving the damn salads alone? Panera could have done a lot to preserve our local sage grouse.

I’m just sayin’.

…and now I’m blogging about it via my iPhone. While we sit in the restaurant, and she deflects our crazy daughter.

She’s put up with me for nine years. As of today. I will never understand, but I am grateful.

Preserve the sage grouse!

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  1. Shelley Bricker

    Belated Happy Annversary !!! Working my way through your wonderful blog, Late night treasures :- D

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