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Where’s my pic?

Well, ex-ex-foster kid Paul’s off to see the world. I hope it goes well for him. And Brigit’s here with me…so I’m taking a break from The Secret. Though we’ll be checking out an in-home daycare situation for her later this afternoon.

Meanwhile I’m figuring out Adobe InDesign. I like The Gimp for book covers, and Jutoh for formatting ebooks, but on the print side I don’t know anything at all. Will I use InDesign for all of the above? None of the above? We’ll see. I’m not a big fan of software that requires me to run Microsoft Windows. OTOH if it’s the best tool for the job…?

For a trial run I’ll be formatting & publishing You Sleigh Me, a story I sent out to friends and family as part of a Christmas package last year. So that’s my missing pic from the title of this post. Yeah, it’s a weak tie-in, but it’s what I’ve got. I need to find some images for the cover. After I finish with YSM I’ll probably go on and set up a print version of Shiver on the Sky. Might be soon, might be a while, depending on how things work out for Brigit.

Speaking of Shiver: it’s been selling better than Pagan Sex (I love being able to write sentences like that). Right now my story titled Thursday Night Game (currently free on most sites) has sample chapters of PS…but it probably makes sense to send new readers to the book they’re more likely to buy, so when I update all the books to include a reference to You Sleigh Me I’ll probably swap out the free samples while I’m at it.

Kind of a slow, sad day around here.

Ever forward, though.


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