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Greetings, Potentially Faithful Reader!

Danger, Will Robinson!


You don’t necessarily recognize me. Well. Let’s see.

I’m DH Young (but actually called David, at least by the people who are trying to be polite in the moment), a writer who kind of hopes you meant to get to this page. But even if you didn’t? Stick around for a bit. We can try each other out, see how it goes, hold off on the juicy bits until the second date…

Ha. Went right off the reservation, didn’t I? And didn’t even warn you it might happen. Hmm.

Well, now you know something about me: I open my mouth and get myself into trouble. Generally I do it just for fun. A bad habit, I know.

After you look around the site…maybe you can tell me something about yourself too? See, there are plenty of writers who have thousands upon thousands of readers. They can’t respond to individuals. But I’m not one of those. Not sure I even want to be, actually. It sounds sort of lonely. We don’t do lonely around here if we can help it.

That said…I’m an indie, which means I do it all myself (or hire it done) (but, let’s face it, I’m kind of a one-man show here, because I’m cheap and also I really like doing All the Things…and all by myself, and in my own time, which is why I’m always behind). So whatever you find here, it’s my fault. Ditto for the books and stories.

Is my stuff any good? Opinions will vary. Waist sizes too, but I’m not pointing any fingers. Er…what I mean is, so far the reviewers (mostly at Amazon) have been kind. Though I took almost all my stuff down a couple of years ago. I’m starting over! So, not a lot of reviews, or sales. I suspect I’m supposed to care more than I do–you ever feel that way? Externally-defined “success” sounds great, but at the end of the day…I just want to play with ideas and stories. Do stuff my own way. Mostly here, on the site that belongs to me.

Ideally? You’ll find a book or story you’ll enjoy. Or maybe more than one (this could actually happen…I think). Or maybe you’ll just come along and enjoy the journey with me. It really doesn’t work without you.

So, if you want to read random rants and/or rant in return, welcome to the rest of the site! It’s fun here. For some. Maybe for you, even, but we won’t speculate as to why. It’s not done.

I’m rambling. Again. So.

Thanks for coming by!

Fun stuff here:

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  • Talk to me! I’d love to hear about how you found me, your favorite books, how you like your steak prepared…uh…hmm. Well, you know. I’m chatty.
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  • Also, there is plenty of other stuff on the interwebz that has nothing to do with me. Which is good. Sometimes I need a break. Or something to read.