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Shiver on the Sky, for Kindle

Shiver on the Sky, a novel

The Amazon ebook version is available as of today…well, actually as of last night. If the current $0.99 price tag strikes you as steep(!), wait a bit. I’m going to be posting a free PDF version on this site eventually (Amazon offers some goodies if the book is exclusive to them for 90 days or more).

Book Description:

Owen Tremaine is in more trouble than he ever imagined.

28 years old, the founder of a software company in Corpus Christi, Texas, he thought work-related burnout was a major crisis. After walking away from his company, he’s spent a year trying to reinvent himself as a private investigator. But when his past reaches out to pull him back, the stakes include not only his own life and the lives of those he loves but also the fate of a missing 12-year-old girl, the future of personal security on the Internet, and the results of a bizarre twist on local Native American history.

Now he’s dealing with cutting-edge software development, downsides of recent anti-terror legislation, and…magic? Really?

But hey. He’s still got friends….


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  1. Richard

    Good read. I’m a programmer and had to laugh at how spot on the book reflects that world. However I did have issue that the handheld mentioned in the book is a palm pilot. You may want to update that to an android smartphone or just smartphone. I was surprised to fund that the software outlined in your book resembles the Darknet application called freenet. Although it does not run on handhelds it is almost identical to your description.
    I’m glad Claire Wolfe posted about this read on her blog. Thanks for your work.

    • David

      Also, thank you very much for the review on Amazon!

  2. David

    You’re absolutely right about the Palm Pilot. What can I say? The book had a long pre-publishing history, and has gone through many, many rewrites over the last eight years.

    And yes, there are definitely strong resemblances to freenet. There are even more to a software application I worked on that was used for (perhaps strangely) a telemedicine project in Alaska. There are some significant differences from both, at least in my mind, but it’s quite possible that I cut so much from the technical bits that it’s not quite so clear to non-telepaths.

    Thanks for reading the book, and for your comments! I will fix the Palm problem very soon. In fact, it won’t be there tomorrow. {8’>

  3. Richard

    Funny, I’m biopharma IT, coincidence.
    Well being the book Nazi that I am I may end up pushing this read onto many that I know.
    Cheers and good luck in your endeavours.

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