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Wow. Shiver’s 15th review.

To the people who have exerted themselves on the book’s behalf, or Shiver on the Sky, a novelon behalf of other readers, or for whatever reason it was that inspired you to make the effort: Thank you. If I had all your email addresses, I’d thank you individually. But I don’t.

Also, of course, I’m pleased that the comments are so favorable. Consensus seems to be that the book is a bit different from the ordinary. Well, good. Probably. Depending on…stuff. But it’s not something I have a lot of choice about, anyway. My fingers have minds of their own, and they’re a bit odd. Though you’d think some of ’em would be even. Wouldn’t you?

As I work on whipping my next novel into shape, it’s very nice to be able to tell myself that it really does matter. And to have evidence. There are readers out in the world? Who knew?

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