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What’s in a name?

Y’know, I think I might offend people, and for more than the usual reasons. I’d say it’s a long story, but it isn’t…it’s not even a short story. It’s just the title to a novel.

See, I think I’m going back to “Pagan Sex”…preferring it to “Pagan Sects.” Given some of the events in the book, I’d say I can guarantee that some readers will find my title offensive. I can also guarantee that more people will take a look at the book description (at least) this way. Which is the title’s primary purpose.

Also, some people may decide the title is misleading, because (sadly) I have yet to write a counter-cultural sex manual.

But…the title is relevant to the book, either way. Especially to a particular scene, but the book has a theme or two running through it. Thoughtful readers, should I attract and retain the attention of such creatures, may understand. Depending on how much I screwed up whilst writing the thing, of course.

Plus, I’d like to avoid as many 2-, 3-, and 4-star reviews as possible anyway. Fulminating 1-star rants and glowing 5-star reviews are all I really want. Now or ever, for any book. Seriously, I think the fact that my lowest-rated reviews so far have 3 stars means I’ve been playing it too safe.

So okay. Maybe it’s not like standing in front of a Russian tank daring it to run me over…but I’m going with the title I like. We’ll see how it goes.

Still hoping to hit my publication goal of 12/1/12, by the way. Which means I need to get back to work now.

[UPDATE: About the tank thing–I was actually thinking of Budapest in 1956, not Tiananmen Square, b/c of stuff from my book…but I guess my brain cross-fertilized them. Oh look, I got back to talking about sex again…arrgh. I’ll stop typing now.]


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