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Updates, again


Lessee…what’ve I got?

  • I finished my Super Secret Project yesterday. A good thing, too.
  • Thursday Night Game is now available and free on iBooks. Plus Kobo, Smashwords, and Goodreads. Not Amazon or B&N yet, though.
  • I’m really enjoying this writing/publishing thing. Good thing, too…my backup plan is clearly in need of a revamp. (Hey–how about a vampire novel? Everybody else is doing it!)
  • Apparently folks in China are putting some effort into blocking encryption. Readers of Shiver on the Sky may recall it was a topic some of my characters care about. And this development is tempting me to work on a sequel. But even if I do it, there’s no guarantee this stuff will find its way into the book. So, you know, caveat lector and stuff.
  • I may get stuff into Google Books after all. They wanted me to fill out a form, then sent weird off-topic email the three times I did it…no other results followed. So I filled out the form again, but once per book instead of combining them as their instructions instruct. And still: nothing obvious happened, but it didn’t trigger the weird email. I remain entertained by these gyrations.
  • You know what? I’m doing all sorts of writing-related stuff this month. I had something of a backlog built up. And that makes sense, because I work best when I don’t even try to multi-task. But I wish I were writing new stuff, instead.

So. Was that worth posting? I dunno. I hope you’re doing something interesting out there in the world.


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