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Don’t let the title fool you…

Well, don’t.

In this case I’m referring to the title of this entry, and to the title of a novel I wrote, and also to the title of a review of that book on Amazon US.

I appreciate the hell out of that review, by the way. If you’re out there and reading this, brave noble single-reviewer-so-far, let me say this: thank you.

In other news, I haven’t been writing much on the blog lately. Did you notice?

A little while back I took off on a medium-long road trip to retrieve an ex-foster kid who had turned 18 & found himself in a bad spot. Lots of stuff happened on the way. Somehow I got out of the habit of using a computer every day.

Then things might have calmed down…but I discovered a “need” to take another road trip, only this one was partially by train, to pick up my RV from San Antonio & drive it here to DC. And I kept acquiring passengers, and more stuff happened, and it was all sort of funny.

Then I did another road trip to pick up some detritus from the first–oh wait, I mean to pick up the RV from where I left it, just before the 15-passenger-van fiasco started–and I just got back from that one yesterday.

So I may or may not get the energy to write more about all of that. Either way: I had fun. And there’s more coming, probably, because the RV still isn’t here. My story about that is that Paul’s phone fried the RV through weird electrical shenanigans up with which I shall not in future put. His version differs, but it’s my blog. (Paul’s the kid I went to pick up. It’s been great to have him back with us, even with his destructive-to-the-rolling-house ways.)

Peace out. Or in. And take a road trip. Four out of five of the voices in my head recommend it, just for you.


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  1. Paul

    Your RV broke my phone! That is the way it happened!

  2. Rebecca

    Brave noble reviewer here, and you’re welcome. I really enjoyed Pagan Sex and felt it deserved a review. You gave me a huge smile with the title of this post. Now that I found your blog I can’t wait to settle in and read more of it. Looking forward to your next book.

    • Well, thanks again. And I agree with you about the insufficient tension/suspense in PS. The book’s structure was pretty weird, and shoehorning the plot(s) into it probably meant I didn’t pay as much attention as I should’ve to…well, to important bits. Plus, of course, the title is probably a turn-off for most potential readers. Can’t bring myself to change it, though.

      Anyway. I’m going back to what’s worked best for me, plot-wise, in the past–and writing The Secret with no plan whatsoever. Just telling myself a story as I go, and writing whatever seems like the most fun along the way. Doesn’t seem like it should work. But all the planning I felt I had to do for PS took a lot of the fun out of writing it, and slowed me down a good bit too.

      Sorry I took so long to approve your comment. No internet since lunch yesterday, y’know. If you use the same email address & want to post again, it’ll auto-approve from now on.


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