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I make no sense at all.

Hey y’

Just taking a break to let you know how it’s going with The Secret. Which is…I dunno.

I figured out how the thing would end, and now I know what the “secret” is (which turns out to be reasonably clever, and I love that it was accidental).

So I have a sort of outline for the next few chapters. It makes staying within my current genre a lot easier, now that I’ve told my fingers where their playground is.

So what’s the problem? Um…I kind of want to start on the next book already.

Everybody chant this with me: “Shut up and write, David. There’ll be time for that one later.”


Parenthetically, I see I need to figure out time zones if I’m going to be scheduling posts. Or did you guys enjoy having Wednesday on Tuesday this week?

That is all.


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