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The secret is out!

Ha. I’m such a jerk. No, The Secret isn’t finished. But I figured I could tell you guys a little more about it.

So: it’s a thriller. I may even be committing pulp fiction! And I’m happy about it, too.

That said, I think I’ll publish it under a not-very-secret nom de keyboard. Haywood Forrest, it turns out, is shameless. Or anyway I want him to be.

I originally hoped to finish the first draft next week. Now I think it’ll be the week after.

Next month I’m planning to tackle a second Owen Tremaine supernatural mystery (sequel to Shiver on the Sky). Should be fun. If you liked the first one and have a suggestion, or if you’d like me to name a character after you…whom I’d probably kill off gruesomely…let me know.

Now…enough blogging from my silly wifi-only iPhone.

Enjoy your day.

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