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Noodling on a blurb

Jacob Ashton

Ash left his hometown of Henge,TX. Once. Fifteen years ago. To go to college. Then he started an internet business.

His family founded the town, oh,150 years back. But Ash? Ask anybody: He’s not really a local anymore.

The Prison

It’s just outside of town. The non-inmate population doubled when it went in. Nice people, every one. Just now? Something’s happening out there. Some say riots. Others say it’s a medical problem. And the National Guard is on the way.

A flash in the sky

There was a storm…but this wasn’t lightning. And that was only the beginning.

A naked hairy guy

Looking in a window at Ash’s daughter. This guy jumps onto roofs, from the street. And there are lots more like him.

Nobody escapes

Nothing is left unchanged.

If you leave town…

It just gets worse.

Stay where you are, if you can

But don’t ever think you’ll escape. Because it’s inside you too. Right now.

The Secret

It’s coming.

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