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This week…

I’m hiding out in the RV, in rural West Virginia. I have no internet access whatsoever. I didn’t bring a laptop…just my AlphaSmart Neo. Well, two Neos, because sometimes I’m like that. I didn’t bring my iPhone either.

This post? I wrote it on Saturday.

So far, when writing on the Neo, I’ve been getting ahead of my comfort zone and transferring everything over to the laptop to make sure it’s okay. Then my productivity takes a nosedive, as I play and tweak. What’ll happen when I can’t?

I write a lot better before I go online each day. Somehow the intertoobz steal my energy. Not that it goes away, exactly, but more that I wanna play. What’ll happen when I can’t?

I may write a lot. I may freeze up and write very little. I might produce good stuff…or garbage. Just seems worth a try, is all. I’m risking one week’s work, hoping it’ll pay off for many weeks to come.

So, if you guys want to comment on a post, or contact me for any reason, or even say hi on Facebook…please feel free to do so. And I’ll see it next weekend.

If my wife needs me because of an emergency, she has a phone number to call. So do a few friends. Otherwise…we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go goof off with my kid. We have a family trip to the DC zoo planned for tomorrow, especially if it rains. Which was yesterday. Virtual time-travel at work. At play? Well, either way.

I hope you have a good week. Oh, and I’ve also scheduled something special for Wacky Wednesday this week. Stay tuned.

[UPDATE: I love the notion of posting an update to an entry that’s scheduled for the future. But anyway, Passive Guy just blogged–right after I wrote this, which was on Saturday if you recall–about David Farland’s blog posts on getting into the “writing zone”…which suggests that I may be on the right track. We’ll see if results back that up. FWIW Dean Wesley Smith says a lot of smart things, and he disagrees about the need for large blocks of time. I have thoughts of my own too, but right now? I’m experimenting.]

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