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Blog housekeeping update…fun!

Old Key by George Hodan
Old Key by George Hodan

Just an FYI that all traffic to and from this blog is now encrypted. Just like the way you access your bank accounts, technically, though I didn’t actually have to prove much of anything to anybody to make it happen. And it was even free.

I’ve also gotten rid of some features on the site that would let other companies (Google, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Gravatar, etc.) track people who visit. Not that I think they care, especially. We’re not talking about ways to spend money or fomenting rebellion around here, or doing much else besides talking about stories. But I’m trying to clean up my act generally on the intertoobz as a result of some silly hackery I ran into, and it occurred to me that I shouldn’t contribute to things of which I disapprove. Like, say, tracking people’s activities. Or generally leaving internet traffic open for companies to read and interpret.

Kind of silly of me to care, maybe, since after all the whole point of this blog is to put stuff out for people to see. But I guess I do care, and I apologize for being so slipshod earlier.

A couple of things are messed up–for instance the contact form. Here’s a secret if you don’t have my email address: email to anything at all at will reach me. Because I have my own mail server, because I’m kind of a geek. Maybe that was another secret? I’m sure I hid it well up till now.

Just to let you know the kind of thing I think is funny: I make up email addresses for companies all the time just so I can see who they give ’em to. It all comes to the same inbox automatically until I blacklist an address. And I giggle about it. In public.

Now you know about me, and the kind of thing I worked on today instead of writing fiction. I’ll try to get the contact form back in shape soon–not sure quite what’s wrong with it at the moment. If you run into any other problems, could you let me know? I’d appreciate the heck out of it.

Meanwhile? Have fun out there!

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