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Oh yeah…finished the bleedin’ thing

By which, yes, I do mean Bleed on the Sky. Or the first draft, anyway, and some early edits. It’s in the hands of beta readers now. Possibly in their brains, too. Maybe even in their hearts and souls, if I’ve done it right. Anyway, I’ve been promised some pretty durn quick feedback, with the holidays and such, so…the book might be available very early in December. Guess I should finish up the cover, huh?

Next project, which ought to go much more quickly (hoping to finish by the end of the month!), is a nonfiction book. My current title, because it maketh me to smile, is: Take Back Your Privacy: The Barefoot Anarchist’s Guide to Today’s Digital Landscape. It starts off with a section on free speech, the chilling effect thereon of mass surveillance, the dangers of self-incrimination even when you’re sure you haven’t broken any laws…and then jumps into the actually-useful bits.

It’s going to cover a lot of topics: Threat Modeling, VPNs, Tor, Telephony, GPS devices, Web Browsing, Passwords, Digital Purchases, Physical Security, and more. The table of contents keeps growing. (Yes, this one has an outline.) It’s going to include a LOT of links, because why should anyone believe me without them? (In general, folks don’t…I’ve noticed this, so very often, and gnashed my teeth to ribbons!)

Anyway, if all goes well the thing will be both informative and humorous. And I really haven’t seen anything else out there that covers these topics in the same way, for the same audience(s), and which in fact distinguishes throughout the book which audience I’m speaking to at the moment: my theory is that it’ll be useful for everybody from Grandma and her Facebook habit to a whistleblower who really needs to tell us all about something horrific. Unlike nearly all of the stuff I read out there, I’m going to be specific about both what works and what each tool’s limitations really are…and in general warn against believing sweeping statements about “security” no matter where you find them.

So, that’s a lot to do, and I need to get back to it.

After that book? Maybe another Owen sequel (there WILL be at least one more), maybe the first Destiny book, maybe a book about Yetis in Southeast Alaska (which I must not must not must not title Yeti Again), maybe a short Marvin novel, and maybe this other near-future semi-superhero fantasy-like series I want to write.

Ideas are plentiful around here. Time? Not so much.

Anyway, what are you guys working on? I’m curious…

Hope you’re having fun out there!

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