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Freebie: The Secret

ebook3So if you haven’t read it, and you don’t mind downloading it from Amazon, and you don’t have Kindle Unlimited…it might be worth a look.

Not that Kindle Unlimited readers can’t download it too! They can. I just get paid if they read it through that program.

Of course it would be horrible if they were to download & read via KU, then just save a copy of the thing before “returning” it. So they could read it again, later, even if it doesn’t stay in Kindle Unlimited forever. I mean, after all, that would be cheating. So if that bothers them, they could download the freebie and borrow it via Kindle Unlimited. Works out to the same thing in the end. Just saying.

All right. I actually plan to get some work done today. But I figured I ought to mention the freebie. It’ll probably run for a couple more days. Depends on my mood.

Have fun out there!

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