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Site makeover, book reviews for indies, and stuff

Hey y’all!

I played around with the website design yesterday. Most of you get these posts via either RSS or email, but if you want to see a pic of me smoking a cigar and looking ridiculous from last Thanksgiving? You can. It’d be more fun to have included more of the pic–there was this glass of whiskey next to me, my brother in law on the left, a gayish-half-transgendered teen couple on the right, and I think it’d be amusing. But I guess I shouldn’t use the rest of that image without asking permission. So I haven’t. Yet.

Actually I should probably mess with a little bit of code so that image only shows up on the home page anyway. It kind of gets in the way. And there are other changes to the site, including a larger font. What the hell, it was time for something different.

Okay…I’m trying to blog lots more often. I’d love to post more book reviews, and I could do that pretty much forever, just talking about my favorites from the last 40+ years of intensive reading. But it’d be more fun to semi-specialize in indie-published books.

I don’t plan to publish the reviews anywhere but my blog. I don’t mind if other people quote them or distribute them in any way. But I don’t want to deal with things like ever-shifting Amazon review policies. That said? You could still post excerpts, at least, under “editorial reviews” on Amazon if you want to.

As for what sort of books? I have to tell you, I read all sorts of things. Probably not cookbooks. But fiction, especially if it’s somewhere in the SF-fantasy-crime-mystery-thriller spectrum that I typically read, is a possibility. So is narrative nonfiction. Bonus points for puns.

I have no idea whether this will be helpful to anybody. I don’t know how often I’ll post the reviews. Probably at least one a week? So there might be a bit of a backlog, too.

You got that part, right? No promises? FWIW, I see no point in posting a review of a book I don’t love. If I hate a book, or worse (don’t ask!), I figure lots of people out there can legitimately disagree with me. I’m not interested in trying to police other people’s reading in any way. I am interested in trying to share wonderful books with wonderful people (if you read my posts, that makes you wonderful–congrats!).

So. New-fiction word-count for today: 1485, net. There were more new words, split between Projects I and II, but I decided Project I was going in a dumb direction. So I dropped back and started over.

It’s a nice day outside. I think I’ll go sit in the sunshine and drink coffee. Hope you’re having fun out there…

UPDATE: Just occurred to me that guest posts might be fun too. If they have something to do with indie publishing, and I like ’em, I might post ’em. No guarantees of anything there either.

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