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First story! Plus a new web server.

I know: you guys don’t care about the web server. But, see, the old one was limping badly. We used it for lots of things besides this site, including a couple of small businesses, so it really needed to get replaced. Actually I should’ve fixed it months ago–but, you know, I was busy and didn’t. So there’s that.

Also I realize it’s not September yet–so I guess this means you don’t have to read the story? Since it kind of doesn’t count?

Ha. While that may be true, it also means I went ahead and posted the story on the site. Just trying to get into the groove before September first, so I wrote Call me Pinocchio this morning while other people were sleeping.

This one is for our foster daughter. But please don’t get the idea that it describes her or her life in any way–the only “real” part of it is that she got an English assignment that pissed me off, so I wrote about that.

Meanwhile, I have lots of other things to do, and I imagine you do too. So let me know if you love/hate the story, and have fun out there!

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