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September story #1: The House

Well, I screwed up this morning. I started out by checking email, which led me in twelve different directions that weren’t very useful considering that my goal was to write a damn story.

But I finished it eventually anyway. It’s pretty rough at present, so I hope I get some extra time for editing in the next few days. Maybe an hour or two. Still, though? This was sort of like a success. More like a success than anything else, I guess.

The House (the title may change) is a tale of three brothers, two of them twins and the other unrelated. Throw in a potentially haunted house, and a boy whose buddies have always believed him until he tries to tell them something more mundane than usualbut in the end it’s just as terrible as his other secrets. Or, come to think of it…maybe it’s worse.

Here’s hoping tomorrow gets off to a better/quicker start. Either way? I’m pretty excited.

Want to read today’s story? Let me know! I’ll send it out as soon as it gets a bit of editing. I also had technical problems, so parts of it (mostly the ending) are what you get when you transcribe a choppy recording.

Remember: all stories from this month will be available to potential beta readers (no obligation involved, though I do have hopes of feedback) via email, but none of them will be published until next month at the earliest. I may send them to a few places that pay money, or send some of them, or maybe I’ll just self-publish the lot. Who knows? Not I, that’s for sure.

Have fun out there!

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  1. rebecca

    Yes, I’d enjoy reading today’s story. And the one you mentioned in this post.

    • David

      Cool! I’ll send them along, by Tuesday at the latest. I want to go over ’em and fix the obvious stuff. Could be as early as tomorrow, depending on how things go. I’m a bit dependent on household stuff going smoothly till the kids are back in school…

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