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So this other thing happened. It’s my fault though.


I had just decided it was up to me to manage my lack-of-sleep issue, and quit letting it happen at all–much less mess up my writing or other projects–so four new foster kids arrived late on Friday night, screwing up my planned bedtime, but for a good cause, yes? We knew it was possible, but for chrissake they were the second possible set of four that same day, and we found out they were definitely coming with about twenty minutes’ notice. No excuse? Actually I agree–but try it sometime. (Meanwhile the foster daughter who’s still here has declared she does indeed want us to adopt her, so we’re working on that, and I have to say we’re all very happy about it.) (Hey, speaking of that, this morning I found an envelope she’d “accidentally” left lying around, addressed to a friend of hers in Wisconsin, and she’d put her last name as “Young” on the return address…not ever going to forget that…but according to the unspoken rules of our developing-but-sacred father-daughter dynamic I’m not allowed to ask her about that kind of thing directly, so we exchanged friendly insults and pretended nothing happened.)

Good kids, all. The four new ones are siblings with a sad story to tell us–we wish various things hadn’t happened, but we’re also very glad to meet them–same same same, but different, again, and I wish I could tell you more about how cool they all are. We are now dealing with three separate schools, with effective start/finish times spread over an hour and a half, and the need to read stories at bedtime, so I think my early-morning writing time is gone for the duration. Also there are new after school activities, appointments, etc.

Plus, I still haven’t done those edits. Nor have I started a new story today. Nor do I have any time to do so. We didn’t even get the last kid registered for school until an hour ago. So, like, also, the homeschooling also still needs to happen for the kid who shares our genetic material. It’ll be fun. And oh yeah, we have other projects and businesses underway.

Today I have to figure something out. Yes, today. I don’t have a choice–I have to learn how to write in the midst of the day, with distractions, or not at all…with the latter not being a reasonable option. In fact I need to figure that out right away. Cool!

I actually got plenty of sleep last night, and in spite of everything the house feels generally peaceful of late, so I don’t see why I can’t manage to do better. Other people write, after all, just as if it were a normal human activity to tell stories and enjoy themselves.

Somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong? Making the writing feel too important, maybe. Insisting on switching to dictation in the middle of something that’s already a bit of a challenge, maybe. I can work on the first, but screw the second. I like dictating.

Doesn’t matter. I’ll have an update for you guys tomorrow.

May all the gods of productivity if any be with you, and have fun out there!

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