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Could it be obvious and simple and plain?


I understand that outlining works for many people. Some call it a crutch; others mumble comments to the effect that planning is not a sin. Perhaps there is merit in here somewhere.

For myself, it turns off my brain. There is nothing enjoyable about writing to an outline–yes, I understand an outline contains much scope for a curt creativity yet leaves wider fields and meadows and mountains and seas for a later, more leisurely exploration. It does not work.

So, as for my plan to plan out my writing for the day? In the dark early hours? It does not work. It did not work again today. It does not work with a pile of hay.

Here’s what bothers me: my next notion is to try a single 25-minute writing session immediately after waking. What bothers me about that is that it was not my first notion.

I know what it takes, currently, to be highly productive with my writing. I also know that I’m not willing to pay the price it requires. I may never be. And yet, I’d like to elevate writing fiction to more than the occasional-hobby status it currently almost enjoys.

Maybe a single session, if performed every day, will at least occasionally jump-start later sessions in the same day. Maybe it won’t, too. Either way, I should be able to produce 700-1000 new words of fiction on a daily basis. Call it 2-3 months for a novel.

I’m tired of beating my wet sponge of a brain against the wall for now. Four of the kids are getting out of school early today, and it’s just about time for me to stir myself to retrieve them from durance vile. The weekend promises to be fun, and all, but I’m not going to blog again until Monday. I’ll try the early-morning writing sessions over the next three days, and see what happens, and let you know how it’s been going when Monday rolls around.

Meanwhile? Have fun out there–whether planned or otherwise!

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