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Update, new covers, having fun with Flee from the Sky…


The title says most of it. If you guys are interested in checking out new covers for the first two books in the Owen Tremaine series, I’m including them here. I think they’ll probably work better, and even if I’m wrong I like ’em more than the previous versions. The thing with my name probably means I need to revisit lots of other covers…sometime.

Thoughts and rants are welcome.

Have fun out there!




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  1. Just don’t make them TOO similar – I’ve seen someone use the same format – in a different color – for 12 books in a series, without any identifying information such as a big #1 on the first book.

    Readers like series – but they also like starting at the beginning, a la ‘A is for Alibi,’ of Sue Graton’s. It’s always obvious what the next book will be.

    Your covers are nice and distinctive – but I can’t tell, from looking at them, which is the first book in the series. Purple doesn’t always follow blue, you know.

    OTOH, there are oceans in just about ANY color. So you will be able to find good photos.

    • David

      Good point! I doubt these will be found in bookstores, so on some level indicating sequence on the covers may not be so important…but it’s still sloppy. So I’ll change that, and make a couple of other changes (I noticed some inconsistencies cropped up in the yellow-slash dingus and the little paddling guy).

      Tomorrow, maybe, is the start of a week or so in which I expect to get in some regular writing hours. Been a while. I’m hoping for good stuff.

      Thanks for the comments! I appreciate ’em very much.


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