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An experiment: writing in public


Bottom line: I’m working on something, and have already posted today’s effort. As I complete more, I’ll post that, and write about it here on the blog. I may go back and edit my work, or I may not, but either way that’s not what these posts are about.

It’s intended, at this point (albeit with only one day’s worth of actual writing so far), to become a novel. The whole unedited mess–and I’m going to try to resist editing other than fixing typos after the end of each day!–will be available at the link above. Each future post, if any, will include a link to that day’s effort for any who want to follow along, and perhaps the thing as a whole will be readable. Caveat lector, and all that.

Curious? It’s like this.

Witch, Blooded: Incandescent Iron Throne

The Coming Dystopia of the Vampire Gods, Book 1

I’m Amity Parker. I’m a witch, though just barely…by choice. Magic isn’t my favorite thing, for a lot of reasons. Don’t even get me started on vampire sorcerors.

This is my first trip to Vegas, and I’m here to kill a man–sort of. A bloodsucking fiend, anyway. Or so I’ve been told.

Turns out the situation is more complicated than I’ve been led to believe. Worse yet, this is my first mission as an agent of the Grand Coven. All of a sudden my brand-new team and I are up against the end of the world. Which just might happen before we can even get started–thousands of years ago, in fact.

Didn’t see that one coming.

I have lots to say about exactly how I came up with that title, and to a lesser extent the description (which may change at any point), but I’ll save that stuff for another day. Let’s just see how it goes for a bit first.

If this seems to be going well, I’ll put some effort/cash/both into a cover. And post that too.

Today’s stats: 2280 words, one scene.

Have fun out there!

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