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Success! Ish. For one day, so far.


So…I didn’t do two full hours yesterday. Got Chapter 11 done in about 42 minutes (very rough initial draft only, of course: this is via dicatation/transcription), then did 37 minutes of Chapter 12 but got kind of stuck. Which kind of slowed down the words-per-minute thing, but what the heck. Still more words than yesterday.

I also woke up at 2:45am for no very clear reason, so I did my first session very early and went back to bed until it was time to begin dealing with the kids. Didn’t seem to hurt much during that first session, but I was definitely over-sleepy later. Not clear what to do about that…if inspiration strikes, good, but otherwise I’m just going to figure not every aspect of every day will be perfect.

It occurred to me, also, that if I’m going to a park every weekday, and I’m only going to dictate a single session, and that park has miles of trails…why not go for a run? I’m kind of used to thinking I don’t have time for stuff like that. But maybe I do. See, we used to have kids we couldn’t leave alone at all, not even in the living room. But now we don’t, and it’s probably time to start adjusting to that. So…well, perhaps I’ll try running next week. Or the week after. For now, I’m trying to focus on the writing stuff.

Not much to add, for now. A couple of topics I could talk about, but…I want to get as much done as I can today, and this morning’s session was only 32 minutes. Still slightly stuck, I guess. Need to think a bit about where the story’s going.

So. Have fun out there!


Yesterday’s dictation count: 3157 words
Time spent dictating: 82 minutes, 2 sessions
Week to date: 9208 words (some via the Neo)
Total words since 1/22/18: 16,714

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