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New blog, new tricks. And: a genre!


So, the thing is, I’ve been handling this whole “author web presence” thing horribly. No surprise there, I know. I started blogging in 2009, and those old posts are still around, but for the first few years they focused on my software company.

Then I blogged about random things that amused me…then I focused (ish) on writing. So I published some posts for people who read my fiction, and others for other newbie writers who might be going through a similar learning process to mine. And a bunch of other random crap. But lately, most of the things that take over my brain involve kids/family and don’t really need to be aired publicly–thus, my near-silence.

I almost don’t want to post anything at all, because doing so even once sort of implies that I’ll keep doing it. So I end up writing blog posts that nobody but me can see, just to get the thoughts out of my head. Weird place to “journal” (it bugs me to see that used as a verb), but what the heck.

Then there’s the “New Release Club” thing. I’m about due to post something there…my target is once/month. But…

Enough whining!

Oh! Yeah. Probably. Though it’s cool how you guys interjected yourselves there. I mean, I’m sorry I provoked you and all, but the tech bits must have been fascinating.


I’m going to focus my main site (this one, here, at on things readers might be interested in. I’m going to blog about topics more of interest to writers/publishers at, a site I’ve been meaning to put together for quite a while.

Also? There’s no way I’m going to be able to blog for readers here, and also separately for folks interested solely in new releases (about which I do actually have news–but that’s for my next post). So, instead, I’m just doing this blog.

Also? I mean, again, another also? Most of you guys get this blog via RSS instead of email. I do things that way too. So why would I do a separate mailing list dingus just for new releases, that’s unavailable for people who prefer to use RSS? I’m not sure that makes a lot of sense.

What’s that mean for me?

Hey! You did it again! Cool.

I guess it means that you have choices:

  • Want stuff for readers? Do nothing, and you’ll keep getting these. With a free story every month. (Next one coming up in a few days.)
  • Want stuff for writers/publishers? Head over to Cabin Fever Press and subscribe to that blog.
  • Unsubscribe from this one, if you’re not interested in the fiction. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended!
  • Want neither? I’m pretty sure you can figure that one out.

And have fun out there!

Wait. What was that about a genre? In the title?

Oh yeah! Guess I forgot that part. It’s been ridiculously hard for me to figure out what the hell it is that I write. I mean, even leaving the short stories out of the question. Urban fantasy, supernatural detective, supernatural thriller, romantic suspense…I mean, what is it anyway?

Dark fantasy. That’s what it is.

Well, not everything qualifies, I guess. The book previously known as “Pagan Sex” has slightly paranormal Gypsy ghost story bits, but there’s a fair amount of plausible deniability going on under the hood, so…yeah, it not only has a goofy title but doesn’t fit any sort of genre classification at all. But guess what? I had a lot of ideas when I wrote it, and I’m revising it now to include some of those. And some new ones while I’m at it. It’ll fit under the “dark fantasy” umbrella just fine when I’m done.

So, the next post will be about a pre-order, a re-release, an audiobook, and stuff like that. This one, though, is just sort of a heads-up.

Have fun out there! Again!

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  1. Brigit (Alien)

    Sometimes you just say “also” too much.

    • DH Young

      Also true!

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