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Released: The Apocalypse Bug

Yo! It’s not exactly a secret, or even The Secret, but I’m trying a non-advertised, non-pushed, timed release of several books over the next few months. First up is the one named in the title, now available on Amazon as of yesterday.

I’m curious to see how it goes. I’m using the name “DH Young” rather than the longer form, and if Amazon permits (current technical difficulties exist) it’ll be an entirely separate thing from my previous name.

I want to find out: if I release regularly, without doing anything else, will readers find the books?

See, if it doesn’t work, or doesn’t work well, I can always just pull them down and try again, only with ads and such. Current indie wisdom is that launching by itself is no longer sufficient. Probably it’s true! But what if it’s not, especially with titles put into Kindle Unlimited & thus free-ish for many?

I’m not against advertising. But I’m also not about to try to focus on that any time soon. So, here’s the entirety of my scheme:

  • Release something or other on or aroud the first of the month, starting yesterday.
  • Check to see if there have been purchases or reviews, but don’t look until 3/15/20. You know, the Ides of March.

This sets me up perfectly, in case absolutely nothing has happened, to pull everything and re-launch it all on April Fool’s Day. No harm, no foul. If people have bought stuff, and left even a few reviews, then I’ll leave the books in place.

Maybe a silly idea, all in all. Maybe not. I’ll let you know how it goes. I want to find out, for sure, what a totally-organic publication-only rapid release strategy will achieve, starting from nothing, with the covers and books as good as I can currently cause them to be.

Meanwhile? Have fun out there!

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