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Member Perma-Freebies

Welcome to the super-secret members-only download page!

Ha. Okay, I’m easily amused. Presumably you got here via signing up for updates. Great! If you’re enjoying them, they’ll continue. If not, you can always unsubscribe.

This page will keep working anyway. You can check back for new free downloads. No email address required for anything on this page.

Or! Did you come to this page some other way? Somebody sent you a link? (Maybe I even did it?) No problemo. Same thing applies. Check back, or sign up for updates/posts, or whatever. It’s all good.

One quick note: this doesn’t help you right now, because if you’re reading this you’re on the page. But if you’re a member and you lose the URL? Of course you can just ask me for it. But if you re-subscribe (no need to unsubscribe first) you should get the link via email again within a few minutes. Could be useful. Maybe!

Current free books (descriptions/covers are elsewhere on the site, but also on the BookFunnel download pages):

The Shivers Between, Book One

The Shivers Between, Book Two

Current free stories (same deal with descriptions and covers as above):

Accidentally (…On Purpose)  Humorous crime/suspense

Carnival Night Dark teen fantasy

…come what may Dystopian time travel & fantasy

Freethought Dystopian dark fantasy

The Gorilla, the Goldfish & Everything Humorous dystopian science fiction

Love is a Frail Reed Humor

Marvin the Magnificent! Teen fantasy humor. Omnibus edition (currently 3 stories)

Not for Hire Humorous crime/suspense

Saints Alive! Humorous semi-apocalypse fantasy

Sins of the Mother Dark fantasy

The Heist Young adult crime/suspense. Not for the faint of heart.

Thursday Night Game Dark fantasy

True Mesh Teen science fiction

True North Science fiction & fantasy adventure

Whither Must I Wander Science fiction

Yearning for Yesteryear Dark fantasy

You Sleigh Me Christmas semi-dark fantasy