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Thanks, Claire!

…and all you other folks. You know who you are, of course.

But not everybody does. So here’s what’s going on: Claire Wolfe has written a wonderful post plugging SOTS (couldn’t resist the acronym). She says all sorts of things that make me blush to read them, or at least reach for another beer, which for a guy is very similar. Plus, she mentions a special offer….

Just for the record, I originally intended to put a free PDF version of the book up on this website. But I enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program, which lets Amazon Prime members borrow my book for free & also lets me offer the book for $0.00 for five days out of every 90. There’s a downside, though: as a result, I can’t offer the ebook anywhere else–except for things like review copies, of course (cough).

Should I tell you about potential free copies, given that I’d like sales to happen? Well–why not? In fact I’ll let you know about my short-term “free” offers here before they happen. So if you’d like to subscribe to the feed, feel “free”…ha. (Easily amused, here.)

Plus: come on. It’s $0.99 to buy it right now on Amazon. If that’s actually an issue for you, I don’t need your money anyway. [UPDATE: Come to think of it, neither does Amazon.] And I hope you enjoy the book.

Lest we get led too far astray by these financial calculations, there’s still that offer on Claire’s blog post.

Um. I do hope, though, that if you end up with a free copy you also end up just a smidgen more willing to either post a review on Amazon or at least recommend the novel to your friends.

Or recommend it to your enemies, for that matter. Really, strangers would be fine as far as I’m concerned. Housepets, if they like this sort of book.

All that being said: early readers and reviewers, your efforts are much appreciated. Unless you too are a first-time author…you have no idea.


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  1. […] Also, the new book is doing a lot better than I expected, which is almost certainly due to Claire Wolfe’s efforts on my behalf. And her readers’. Plus, she mentions a special offer in her post, and I give some of the background in mine. […]

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