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Final post about fiction

…because I have a new blog for that stuff, and also for random bitdroolings as they occur, unless somebody wipes my chin (fingers?) in time. Sometimes, you know, they do. We’re not alone in this world.

But if you’re into it, check out And hey–it’s new, so gimme a minute, will ya?

Also, the new book is doing a lot better than I expected, which is almost certainly due to Claire Wolfe’s efforts on my behalf. And her readers’. Plus, she mentions a special offer in her post, and I give some of the background in mine.

Otherwise, fret not: the writing-fiction stuff shall be gone from this blog. Which is sort of…I dunno…freeing. There’s all sorts of off-the-wall stuff I get tempted to write about, and now I’ll have a place to do it. Like a special snowflake cage, maybe.

Onward, upward, and more (on software-related subjects) later.

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