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Quick update, free ebook, and…thou?

Hey y’all. Just a few things:

  • I’ve increased the price for Shiver on the Sky to $3.99. So far that hasn’t affected sales too much. I kind of think the lower price drew in a few bargain hunters, but with the great reviews so far (thanks!) I think I’ll see if my notion that a slightly higher-than-usual price for a self-pubbed ebook will translate to a higher perception of value is correct. Yes, this is very transparent of me.
  • You want transparent? How ’bout this: Shiver will actually be free for a few days starting around midnight tonight. That’ll definitely run through the weekend, and possibly through Tuesday. Somehow I doubt that telling you this will improve my sales today.
  • Yes, but what if you’ve already read it? No prob, dude. There’s more coming. I have a story collection (What Happens in September) nearly ready to go. All I really need is a finished cover image. There are seven stories in it–my initial plan is to offer the collection for $2.99, and also offer six of the seven stories for $.99 each. The seventh will only be available in the collection. It’s kind of neat from my point of view, because I think each of the stories can be used, essentially, as an ad for the collection. They’ll be scattered across various categories on Amazon & ought to improve my overall visibility. Also, due to vagaries of Amazon royalties, I get paid the same whether readers buy all six stories individually or the collection of seven for a bargain price. The downside, for me? That’s seven cover images I don’t have. Ouch.

That’s about it. I have family visiting this weekend, so there may not be much else posted here for a couple of days.

Take care, and don’t get stuck in the webs.

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