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It’s official: Pagan Sex on 12/1/2012

For everybody!

The best part for me will be the spam drawn by this post. Yes–I do kinda like the weird emails/comments with which those precious spammers grace the intertoobs. I have a theory, too, that a lot of spam is actually made up of encoded messages. Everybody gets the same text sooner or later, see, and only those in the know have the secret decoder ring. So…if you were going to try to identify the intended recipient? You couldn’t! Cool.

Wow. There’s a story there. Maybe I’ll write it sometime. Stupid brain, coming up with new projects right after I commit to something else.

Ahem. Back on task: my second novel, titled “Pagan Sex,” will be available on the first of December. I started to include a description of the plot here, but decided it’s more fun to just let the title stand for now.

Talk to you soon.


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