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More with the writing stuff.

Okay, there’s no shortage of distractions around here, even if we ignore the 3-year-old (which is not necessarily a viable plan…she possesses lungs of steel). I complained to considered various approaches with my wife to address this issue last night. But let me give you an idea of what I’m dealing with–serious business, here:

  • I mean, this is obviously a worthwhile project. I’m sure I could use the result for some sort of research. Sometime. Who wouldn’t want to write about zombies?
  • I wondered how some writers manage to offer free ebooks on their sites without Amazon jumping in to match that “price.” Cory Doctorow, for one, says he thinks it’s because his publisher (Tor) is on his side. Well, crap. I guess I’ll have to think of something else.
  • Maggie McNeill writes about black magic, but for some reason doesn’t mention zombies. Hmph.
  • For a guy who likes to write about crime, or–I suppose–folks who are accused of actually committing them, this is interesting stuff (hat tip to my recent benefactress Claire Wolfe; she credits Jim Bovard…but I don’t know why she swallowed the fly).

But Mary Anne and I now have a plan! Sort of, and maybe!

See, once upon a time I went off for a week to a hotel room to get some writing done. It worked fairly well (much better than the time my wife left for a week, I decided to try fasting just for grins, and I ended up in the hospital). But it occurred to us yesterday that my current office has a bathroom in it. Add a beanbag chair and an ice chest, lock the door for a few days, turn off wi-fi, and…ta-da? This may be in my near future. If I get lonely I can watch the parking lot from my window, right?

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