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Giveaway Recap

The first and most obvious conclusion, after five days: the rain in Spain falls mainly somewhere else.

In other words, although Amazon has a version of itself for Spain, nobody there downloaded a book. Hey, Spaniards! Here’s the word: free! (I keep using that word. Perhaps it does not mean what I think it means.)

Okay, I’m done. And if the above seems incomprehensible to you, but you’re still reading, I have to wonder why. But, since you’re here, I was playing around with a famous line from The Princess Bride. Which was spoken by a Spaniard. Good enough? Let’s move on.

Two copies were downloaded for Amazon Italy. Hmm.

Shiver was #1 in France! Um, for contemporary fantasy books in English. And #18 for genre fiction, in English. And #281 overall for free books (fiction and non). However…should I admit this? Because so far it sounds really cool…still, truth: 8 copies were downloaded. I’m guessing there’s not much of a market for ebooks in English in France. On the other hand, somehow Shiver stood out. Pretty neat…right?

The Germans were starting to speak my language, though. 34 copies. Nice.

Oh, and in the UK? 144 copies. Which was enough, at one point, to move Shiver to #11 for contemporary fantasy and #431 overall.

And that other country…you know, the USA? Oddly India and the US use the same site. But anyway, 2183 copies. About two and a half days in the top 10 (ranging from 10 to, well, 8) for contemporary fantasy, as high as #233 overall, and in general pretty darned cool.

So at first I thought I might get a couple of hundred people to read the book. Then the numbers started to point toward a thousand or so. And then, well, stuff took off. As for how, why, and the effect on the book and my own brain? Tune in for the next post.

One more thing. Hey, you, in the back! Yeah, you. The guy who downloaded the book just past the deadline, got charged $3.99, and got a refund before he could have even tried to read the book? I don’t like you very much.


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  1. Kim

    I was totally laughing at your Princess Bride references until you EXPLAINED them.

    Well done, that’s awesome that your book is being seen so many places. Eight copies in France, huh? Perhaps the French don’t read much. They would rather eat and make love with their faces. (Last of the Mohicans)

    LMAO re: the refund. I think I owe you $3.99– it’s been a great read so far. Thanks!

    • David

      Ha. Actually I’m pretty happy with the French numbers. For a couple of days it was just one download. Then one more, and so forth. I don’t know how they found the book in the first place, and I’m hoping it was just one reader who recommended it to friends. Because that would be cool.

      Glad you’re enjoying it!

      • Kim

        That WOULD be cool.

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