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Thanks, people. Really.

I don’t know whether I can (or should) explain how much the last few days meant to me. But first, I want to thank a few people…some of whom I kind of know, and others I don’t.

Claire Wolfe came through on Saturday with another(!) blog post about Shiver. The Green Street Grill posted a link (now gone) to Shiver on their page for literary fiction. selected Shiver as one of their five ebooks for Tuesday evening. eReaderIQ posted a link as well. And The eReader Cafe put Shiver in the #1 spot for their Sunday afternoon “4 Kindle Freebies + 1 Bargain” promotion. Possibly others did the same, and I just didn’t notice…let me know if you did and you see this, and I’ll add you to the list. [UPDATE: and also posted links.]

And, for those of you who scrolled down the book description page and either entered or voted for tags? You helped, a lot. Lots of people find books by searching within a category, and search terms that are also tags work very well. Shiver was #6 for “supernatural thriller” and (briefly) #1 for “computer crime” in the fiction category, for example.

The reviewers? You folks are awesome.

All of you, friends and strangers, made the last five days something wonderful for me. I won’t forget.

Now, did any of that help the book in the actually-for-money world? I don’t know. I might have a better idea in a few days. Did it have an effect on my strategy for future ebooks? Yes, probably, but I don’t know yet what that will be.

Did it have an effect on my writing plans? Yes! It means I’m going to spend a lot more time on it than I have been.

So…thank you for the support. I’ll try to deserve it.

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