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My plan for December

I don’t expect to get a lot of writing done next month. Because I need to:

  1. Finish up Pagan Sex (though I still hope it’s done by 12/1)
  2. Upload it to Amazon
  3. Format & upload multiple ebooks for Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and maybe Kobo (unless I decide to let Smashwords handle them)
  4. Get this site into shape, with pages dedicated to each book and maybe some stuff about Me the Person
  5. Try out Google AdWords and some other options, some of which will be free, for Pagan Sex…now you can see why I like the title, can’t you?
  6. Set up some free downloads right here, with some code/database work to keep track of how many people grabbed each item (without keeping track of who did it)
  7. Possibly set things up to sell fiction directly from this site–I’d get a larger % of each sale, but would lose any benefit from sales counts on the various retail sites
  8. Fix some formatting issues (minor) with Shiver, and also include excerpts & such at the end of each book
  9. Improve Shiver‘s cover
  10. Write blog posts to go along with some of the above
  11. Do more stuff that’s secret for now

Now I’ve told you, instead of working on any of it. Clever, huh?



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