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Scribendi sucks quietly; I make noise

They sent email promising to respond “shortly” to my recent post but didn’t follow through. Actually I don’t blame them; I was just looking for an excuse to use the headline above. Here were their options, as far as I could see:

  1. “The editing wasn’t so bad.” I suppose they could try it. But then I’d tell you guys what they’d said, and I’d probably include lots more stuff. Annotated by me. I don’t see that ending well for them.
  2. “But nobody would be fooled into making changes so obviously bad, especially to the first two paragraphs of a novel.” Uh…well, okay, but I don’t think they want to go there either.
  3. “We have/had at least one incompetent employee/contractor, so caveat emptor, buddy.” Yeah, okay again. Probably not the message they want to send. Though, if you’re a writer? When it comes to editing services, it’s caveat emptor all day long. Got it?

I’m tempted to start trying out more of these guys and publishing the results. Then y’all could vote on the versions you like best. But it’d be a silly distraction. Which normally means I’m a-gonna do it, but in this case I hope I restrain myself.

But anyway. The headline above didn’t actually mean I’d be making noise about Scribendi’s suckage. It meant I suck in a noisy way. Because Pagan Sex is not ready, and it’ll probably be another couple of days. I could make excuses, but they’re all lame. I told you when it’d be done, and I didn’t follow through.

So I suck, loudly, and we’ll all have to deal with it.

Still. It’s coming. Like winter. Or the future.


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  1. Michael Andrews

    As someone with extensive editing experience, I worked for a short time for Scribendi. The company truly does suck.

    • I’m still not opposed to finding an actual editor. Are you doing freelance work? Do you have a website/portfolio/list-of-testimonials?

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