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Stuff on my mind

I have all these tabs open in my browsers. Yes, browsers is plural. Because I’m kind of a geek. But maybe if I share them with you I’ll be able to close them?

(Meanwhile that suggests a story. About a guy who’s taken over by his browser. I mean literally. Because it could totally happen.)


  • Pagan Sex is available at Barnes & Noble. Actually so is Thursday Night Game, but I’m trying to pull it. ‘Cause they won’t let me list it for free, but it can be free if I go through Smashwords. Weird.
  • This is a bit recursive in concept, but Maggie McNeill has a great list of links from a few days ago.
  • I wonder: would anybody really try to buy this? Looks like either a fraud or a sting. And such a stupid sting it’d have to be the FBI doing it, too.
  • Wil Wheaton has created a T-shirt I like. Green, please.
  • Copyright law and tattoos.
  • Have you considered what happens after the Zombie Apocalypse? Preparation is all.

Okay, I’ll stop. Just so you know, I used about one tab in ten for this. So…what does that tell you about the rest of them?

Enjoy your day. Or night. Depending on where you are.


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