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Small updates. Silly frustrations. A normal day.

Unless you’re really bored, you should probably stop reading. But here goes:

  • Both Pagan Sex and Thursday Night Game have been approved for the “premium” catalog at Smashwords, which means they’ll hit more bookstores. Sometime.
  • They’re also both going to be free for libraries. I’m not sure it matters, but I do like libraries. So what the heck. Are you a librarian?
  • Barnes & Noble’s PubIt tool, which I used to publish PS, is currently broken. Or at least it won’t let me publish an update. Should I explain? Well…first I couldn’t update it b/c my account was “in review.” Then I couldn’t update it b/c they were “processing” the book. Now I can’t update it b/c…uh…there’s a temporary technical problem. No big deal, I guess; it’s just that there’s a link to an Amazon page at the end. I can leave it in if they want me to.
  • So, well, Amazon’s KDP tool is broken too. In a couple of ways. I was just trying to push out a new cover image. It’s okay in the book, but the one on the site is ugly (though they’re not, in theory, supposed to get out of sync like that). So that was a problem, and I tried to re-publish the cover…but their server has been converting the book to Kindle format, which takes a few moments according to them, for about 25 hours now. Hmm. Never happened before. At first they said it wasn’t happening now, but after I blew up their inbox they say they’re aware and may fix it sometime. Progress!
  • Along these lines, Google Books seems to have lost my uploads. I guess I’ll start over with them. Hmm. Good thing I’m not in any particular hurry, though, isn’t it?
  • Meanwhile, I ordered stuff from Amazon yesterday. You know, like a customer does. Amazon said my account must have been hacked & they canceled the orders (perhaps they’d have preferred I order something else). Should I re-order? Who knows? About 20 hours ago they promised it’d be fixed within 24 hours. Yes, the word “promise” was used. And not by me.
  • Nonetheless, I’m feeling fairly cheerful about it all.
  • And let me mention: they’re sometimes maligned for having strict/strange requirements, but on the indie-publishing side of my life Smashwords’ system is the only one that’s actually working for me today. And I already liked them better beforehand, too.

In other news, my wife and I have had doubts about the preschool we chose for our daughter. She’s pretty “advanced” for her age (3.5 years), and this place doesn’t seem to either care or help her further. A couple of days ago we broke the news to the kid that we were gonna pull her out of there. She then:

  1. Smiled and told us she wanted a new school.
  2. “Helped” me write and print out a note to the school (in which, yes, I did mention the Mayan Apocalypse as a possible explanation for our decision…all those zombies, y’know).
  3. Insisted on carrying the note next to her in the backseat of my car.
  4. Ran to a teacher and delivered it. Proudly. While leaving her lunch and jacket behind, because they weren’t all that important under the circumstances.

So, uh. I think we should’ve done this a long time ago. Just…slow progress, with fits & starts, which is what life tends to be like.

Not much else going on around here. Hope you’re having a good day too.


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