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Anybody want a free idea?

I know, I know. It’s a ridiculous question. Ideas are worth nothing; execution is all.

Thing is, I have one that just won’t get out of my brain. Briefly: I’ve been in the ebook-publishing world for a (very) few months now. It’s poorly designed. I think retailer/distributor people like Amazon, B&N, Kobo, & such are unnecessary blockage/gatekeepers between readers & producers of content. I also think they take huge chunks of cash away from authors.

And I think all that can be fixed, easily, from a technical standpoint. Couple of problems: (1) I don’t want to do it myself, and (2) I totally suck at convincing anyone of anything, especially in person. Which is important because this is one of those ideas that needs buy-in. From indie publishers and authors, though, not corporations. So it’s not totally impossible.

Anyway. I did this 3-part “Death of Amazon” thing at my other blog a while back. If you’re interested, feel free to steal the idea. Or talk to me about it, or forward it to somebody else. Or tell me to STFU because you’re busy and you wish I hadn’t stuck it into your brain.

That is all.

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  1. wordwan

    I have to pee, then I have to read this. This puts me in the same mind as someone, Hugh Howey, to be exact, suggesting a way to help writers get reviews, by having them pay ANYone ten dollars to read the story as far as they can—they get the ten dollars, no matter what–and giving whatever kind of feedback they can.

    I see it as a really simple idea. But shite, talk to certain people and it’s like crossing a picket line.

    More on this. I’ll be right back.

    If you want to direct me to any particular things, let me know. I’m fiddling on youtube for uploading and fiddling on Wattpad for…formatting.

    And I have one person interested in me–or anyone ‘reading’ her blog on youtube.

    Heather, on Thursday at 4:18

  2. wordwan

    Okay, I’m curious, lookin’ at yer website. The twitter follow seems to say: 24,1K followers.

    Is that a lot? I don’t understand how twitter works.


  3. David


    This is a leftover entry from my software-company blog. I just merged the two out of…sentimentality? Didn’t want to throw the old stuff away, I guess.

    Anyway. The Twitter thing is iffy. I don’t know that there are a lot of people actually looking at my stuff. Some, though.

    And yeah, I’ve heard the Hugh Howey idea before. But I don’t see how to vet the participants in a practical way without building an application to do it. Lots of people would be willing to claim to have read a book for ten bucks.

    OTOH it wouldn’t be that hard to build…essentially both writers and readers could have “reputation” scores. People who gave useful feedback more often might get more opportunities. Writers who actually pay might get more readers.

    I just don’t want to take the time to build it. I’m doing well with beta readers as it is.

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