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To sink, or to swim? An indie adventure.

Fish Eating Fish Eating... by Frits Ahlefeldt
Fish Eating Fish Eating… by Frits Ahlefeldt

Or maybe I mean “to sleep with the fishes”? Which is what my wife said my daughter was doing the other night, and I’ll tell ya: I sat up and looked around.

Fortunately the fish were stuffed. With some sort of foamishly imprecise innard-simulacra, probably (I didn’t cut one open…yet), and although that may not be quite so tasty as one of the dishes said wife might prepare using actual fish and something like crabmeat–maybe with bacon?–it was still good enough that I managed to get back to sleep without incident.

To sleep, perchance to…drift? I’m pretty sure I originally intended this post to be about something. Do you folks mind if it’s not?

Actually? I’ll bet you would mind. Which may even be my point. I’m looking for fun ways to connect with readers, or potential readers. The goofy giveaway has been godawf’ly great, but what’s next?

Well, today I had the notion of writing a story about a character who has odd experiences involving a computer game. Then, see, I can try to talk the game-writing people into telling their existing customers about the story. The more popular the story becomes in places like Amazon (how many places are like that, anyway?) the more readers will find out about their game.

Crassly commercial of me? Maybe. But it sounds as if it might be fun for everybody involved, if I can pull it off. And entertainment is–well, if it’s not what I’m doing here, I need to figure out how to start.

I’m working on a couple of novels right now. And I have two short-story ideas trying to eat my fish…I mean my brain. From the inside, unfortunately, and I’m not sure how to make them stop. Which reminds me of something my grandmother used to say, but I’ll spare you from it. But just to show you how this stuff happens? Ten seconds ago I suddenly figured out how the two ideas could be used in a single story. Fun!

So, in short (horse; barn; fire? aliens? who also swim?) I’m busy. Too busy to let myself get distracted, right? Except that I’ve never been all that tracted to begin with. Probably too much garlic when I was a kid. Though that also lets me enter homes uninvited. (No, not yours…probably…)

Seriously: I’d love to know what else I can or should be doing. I also love that I don’t actually know everything about this new business, this third career of mine. Learning new things every day is sheer joy!

Well, okay. It’s at least fun, right? And it’s neat, sorta recursive even, that I’m making this stuff up as I go along. It’s also neat that there are no losers in this game, unless they so self-declare. Which I’d have to call a bad strategy. Ya know? So don’t do that.

Here’s the important part: none of this stuff I’m doing works without you guys. Which is why I keep trying to reach out to you. So…thank you for reading my stuff. I’ll try to have something to say occasionally. (An 80/20 rule may apply, but I don’t think I should be too specific here.)

Have fun out there.


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