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Wacky Wednesday X (free fiction)

cover3Well, here we go! As I discussed yesterday, I’ll be posting a free story every Wednesday for the next year…if I can! Watch closely: there is clear train wreck potential here.

I’ll leave each story up till Tuesday, then remove it and post the thing on Amazon. (If you really want to keep a free copy, I’m sure you can figure out how. There may even be a useful button just under the title of this post.) The following Wednesday, I’ll include links to buy/review the previous week’s story.

You Sleigh Me


For once, when the calendar nears its rollover point, Rick Santos finds himself in the Christmas spirit. The catch? That may not be a metaphor. Some days a guy just can’t get a break…


Hi! This story’s been published on Amazon’s sites, so I had to take it down on the blog. Annoying, I know, but still…pretty cool how fast that can happen, isn’t it? If you missed this one, there’ll be another posted every Wednesday for a year.

Want to see the story’s new home on this site, or find a link to check it out on Amazon? Here you go: You Sleigh Me

Have fun out there!


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  1. Fascinating read! It puts you in the subjects shoes, briefly to experience life as it might be for someone on the streets. I like that you can imagine the reality of your choice with this writing.

    • David

      Glad you liked it!

  2. Rebecca

    Hi David, you have a winner with You…Sleigh Me. And if you don’t I sure did. I love it when a story transports me away from where I happen to be and into the setting on the written page. This one sure pulled a Calgon on me and took me away. Funny how that happens with some books/stories more than others. Anyway, I left you a proper review on Amazon. if you’re brave enough BWAHAHAHA!

    • David

      Well, I was scared but I looked. That’s a heck of a nice review! Thanks! If I knew how to Calgonify reliably I’d do it every time…’course the answer(s) is/are probably different for different people. Until I get the mind-control lasers working properly, anyway. Stupid things just aren’t reliable yet.

  3. Rebecca

    You’re welcome for the review. You earned it. Keep giving the good stuff and I’ll respond in kind. And I swear that’s not meant as creepy as it sounds.

    The Calgon moments in your story were mainly the snow scenes, and they were also the shortest. But something about the way you worded things just made me feel like I was there watching. Again, not as creepy as it sounds. (Holy crap, I’m creepy and never knew it!)

    Funny thing about mind-control lasers, I hear they can be tough to calibrate.

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