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Going dark!

I'm Hiding... by Bobbi Jones Jones
I’m Hiding… by Bobbi Jones Jones

Hey everybody.

Or some people, anyway. You probably aren’t actually everybody. Are you? ‘Cause that would be kind of neat. Hey, story idea!

A shortage of which is not my current problem. Time, though? Yeah.

So here’s what I’m going to do: in about half an hour, I’m going to leave, so I can go hide out in my RV in rural West Virginia for about a week and a half. I won’t have internet access, except briefly for some meals. I’ll definitely need to surface a couple of times, but…no Twitter, very little email, and I’m only taking my “private” phone (yeah, I’m odd that way too).

Here’s what I want to get done by next Friday:

  1. Finish up next Wednesday’s story (duh?)
  2. Make a cover for it
  3. Post both in a timely fashion (yep, gotta go online for that)
  4. Get the ebook version of this week’s story ready
  5. Publish it to Amazon (yep, for this too…same day, I hope)
  6. Pull the current story from this site on Tuesday or Wednesday
  7. Finish the first draft of The Secret
  8. Finish a first draft of a cover for the above and turn it in to the folks running the online book cover workshop I’m doing

In a semi-homage to John D. MacDonald, next week’s story will be titled: “The Gorilla, the Goldfish & Everything.” Those who don’t immediately get it can see where the ideas therein came from by reading my goofy giveaway post. Though frankly the gorilla snuck in at the last moment just ’cause I wanted to go with this title.

So you won’t see me for a bit. Have fun out there!

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  1. wordwan

    Another excellent writer. You have very good taste.

    I’m around. Noodlin’ on shit.

    Have fun!


    • David

      I’m looking forward to your reaction to the goldfish story when it comes out on Wednesday. It’s possible that it’s a bit goofy.

  2. I like your website. I enjoy your blog posts. I didn’t see anywhere that I could sign up for blog posts via email, so I posted a comment to get to it! 🙂

    I like your style of writing and your tendency to get off track a little. Nice and refreshing!

    • David

      You’re right. I need to do that. People keep signing up for the new-release list, then asking why they don’t get blog posts. So I need to (1) make blog post subscription much easier, and (2) Send a “hello” message to subscribers letting ’em know which list they’ve subjected themselves to, with a link to the other…just in case.

      Thanks for making the effort!

      • No problem. I enjoy your writing and am looking forward to more of it, after your vacation of course!

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